Twins Bring the Truth to Town

As the Sox lose the first game of the must-win series, even the staunchest optimists are losing hope.

In other news, the Cubs were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention Tuesday night.

Well, I tried. But even that doesn't lessen the sting of the clear and present truth:

The 2010 Minnesota Twins are a better team than the 2010 White Sox. 

With the Twins' 9-3 victory at the Cell on Tuesday night, the Sox have fallen to seven games out of first with 18 left to play. An optimist might say that Sox victories Wednesday and Thursday would keep hope alive, but an optometrist would say, "Have your eyes examined."

The sad fact is the Twins haven't blinked. Instead, they've dominated the Sox every which way this season, winning 11 of the 16 meetings. Tuesday night it was an ugly unraveling by the Sox that made the difference — from John Danks' location woes to Alex Rios' struggles in center to any number of missed opportunities at the plate. A late 3-2 Sox lead was gone in a flash, and the Twins' 9-3 win surely prompted the same thought from most everyone who witnessed it:

The 2010 Minnesota Twins are a better team than the 2010 White Sox.

In many of our hearts, we knew this to be true weeks ago. The desperation signing of Manny Ramirez went a long way to confirm it, and hasn't that worked out well? By the end of Tuesday's game, I bet the fans in the stands wearing dreadlock wigs were insisting they thought it was Bob Marley Day at the ballpark.

But I'm not in the mood for a "Blame Manny" rant. In fact, I'm not in the mood to blame anyone. Sometimes you have to give credit where it's due:

The 2010 Minnesota Twins are a better team than the 2010 White Sox.


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