Stagg Girls Summer Volleyball Just Heating Up

Chargers open play with two matches Tuesday at Palos Courts, begin to build momentum for upcoming fall high school season.

If you were to head to Palos Courts any time this summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you would see six courts of girls volleyball action going on at the same time.

Stagg is one of 13 teams participating in the summer season on Tuesdays. This past Tuesday, the Chargers were short-handed (six players showed up) for matches against Chicago Ag School and Rich Central.

The Chargers fell in their first match and won their second, but for first-year coach Deanna Satorino, the summer isn't about winning in the early stages.

"We want the girls to go out and compete and have fun," Satorino said. "The summer gives us a chance to work out some of the kinks and grow as a team."

Satorino was sitting in the stands Tuesday, letting the girls coach themselves. 

"The way it looks right now, we won't have any seniors in the fall, and this lets them build leadership," she said.

One of the girls directing traffic on the court was junior Jill Conrad.

"I was trying to lead everyone and let them know what to do, especially since we were so short-handed," Conrad said.

The summer season concludes with a playoff series July 26, but like her coach, Conrad sees the summer as a time for team building, not a time for maximum results.

"The summer is a lot more fun and relaxing, and you don't have to worry about the wins and losses as much, even though we would like to win," she said. "It's more about bonding as a team and getting a good feel for each other."

Stagg is currently holding its high school volleyball camp. The camp will be open to junior high students begining next week.


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