Video: Palos South Pays Tribute to Veterans

Palos South took time out to honor local veterans.

At on Thursday history books were set aside to reflect on those whose sacrifices made history. 

The school's Veterans Day ceremony welcomed veterans, many of whom were relatives of students, into the gym for a moment of honor. 

"It was important to bring the community into the school," said principal Chris Bingen. 

The ceremony featured music from the school's band and choir. Two students who won an essay contest read their work. Seventh grader Kelly Roach's essay spoke of the important role veterans played in guaranteeing many of our freedoms. 

"I feel that we should think of our soldiers as people beyond heroes," she read. 

Don Dahl of the Palos Heights veterans commission remarked that for many veterans their sacrifices were born out of necessity. 

"We served not because we liked fighting or war, bit to protect our families and yours," Dahl said. 


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