Should Holmes Resign from the D218 Board?

Johnny Holmes' second DUI arrest in three years has readers wondering whether he should stay a representative of Dist. 218 families.

Quite a few Patch readers have asked whether Dist. 218 school board member Johnny Holmes should leave or have demanded outright his resignation from the board. Holmes was arrested in December for drunken driving and abruptly retired from his position as Robbins police chief earlier this month.

Here's what some are saying about Holmes:

Mother 24: "I want to know why Chief Holmes wasn't held accountable for his FIRST DUI?!! Public officials should be held to the same regards of the law, just as everyday citizens are!! Does Mr Holmes not realize the consequences of drinking and driving? God-Forbid a drunk driver ever hurt someone close to him, I'm sure he would want justice served, yet he gave no regard to himself getting behind the wheel of a vehicle & possibly putting innocent peoples' lives at risk!! Shame on you Mr. Holmes for being so stupid & careless!! You deserve to lose your positions with the Robbins Police Department & Dist.218 SChool Board!!!"

Daniel White: "For the parents and students of Community High District 218 we encourage Mr. Holmes to immediately resign from the CHSD 218 School Board as well. The integrity of our community and students should be of the highest value and we trust the School Board Members will do the right thing and make this change as quickly as possible."

ME: "He needs to be kicked off the district 218 Board as well. If he stays on the Board, what are we telling our kids? Get him out now!"

Kelly: "He should lose his job, and be removed from the School Board. What type of an example is this to the residents of Robbins or the students, parents and faculty of District 218? I am a taxpaying member of District 218 who requests his immediate resignation from the Board."

Should Johnny Holmes resign from his long-time position with the District 218 board? Tell us in the comments.

Kelly January 14, 2013 at 02:42 PM
For Pete's sake, he's the CHIEF OF POLICE!! Who knows better than him? He has to go and D218 Board members have to ask him/advise him to resign. If they don't, ALL of their positions on the boards become questionable as well. Where is the Morality Clause? Why wouldn't D218 and ALL public service positions have this? Mr. Corsi and Mr. Byrne, You MUST encourage his resignation, for the sake of D218 and for the future of each board members position as well. Your future relies on the outcome of this terrible issue.
ME January 14, 2013 at 02:46 PM
Right On Kelly!!! IS ANYONE LISTENING? SPREAD THE NEWS TO EVERYONE! LET'S GET MOVING ON THIS NOW. THERE SHOULD BE NO DISCUSSION!!! CHECK ALL THE BOARD'S BACKGROUNDS. Get the good upstanding citizens who care about themselves enough to care about the kids! Goodbye to everyone else. Quit with the political BS. This is about doing what's right for the kids! Make Johnny an example!
bm January 14, 2013 at 07:31 PM
His name is really johnny Holmes?
Sheet of Integrity January 14, 2013 at 08:05 PM
None of the outrage over this will matter because unless there is a strong presence of people calling for his head at the Board Meeting, then he will not resign.
Kelly January 15, 2013 at 12:49 AM
When is the meeting when they will discuss it? Don't you have to have something on the docket or agenda in order to speak at these meetings?


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