Bald For A Cause: 10-Year-Old Girl Makes St. Baldrick's a Family Affair

When Becca Sweeney gets an idea she keeps going. This time she ended up with a bald head and a bundle of donations.

She entered the room with shoulder-length hair dyed a festive shade of green, befitting the holiday. She left with a closely shaved scalp and a sense of accomplishment that she truly made a difference. 

It wasn't enough for Becca Sweeney, 10, to just think about making a difference. She had to act. A few months ago she started thinking about participating in St. Baldrick's Day

The foundation raises money for juvenile cancer research by encouraging supporters to solicit pledges with the end goal of shaving their heads in a sign of solidarity for those suffering from cancer. 

"I think it's important because we are helping kids with cancer and raising money for them," Sweeney said. "It makes me feel really good."

The fifth grader was joined by her parents and two brothers in the shaving line. The entire family now has a matching set of bald heads.

"When she gets an idea in her head, that's it," said her mother Diane Sweeney. 

Becca and her mother originally set a goal of $1,000 in pledges. They soon surpassed that mark and ended up raising over $3,800. Family, friends and members of their church all pitched in. 

"It's really commendable and a wonderful thing that she's doing," Diane Sweeney said."I told her lets get the whole family involved."

And get involved they did. The family of five faced the shears together, leaving with smoother scalps and a sense of accomplishment.

She spread the word about what she was doing among her classmates and in the process raised awareness about not just the cause, but about how young people can make a real impact.  

Becca is also involved in dance, Taekwondo and . She plans to take part in the event next year as well.

"I'm really happy about what we did, I feel really good," a buzzed-cut Becca said. 


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