How well do you know the GOP candidates' running mates? Part III

We finish with some fun facts about Bill Brady's running mate, Maria Rodriguez, and Dan Rutherford's running mate, Steve Kim.

The candidates for governor garner almost all of the headlines, but this year a vote for a governor candidate is really a vote for two candidates. That's because starting this year in Illinois, the Lieutenant Governor position is not separate for the Governor position on the ballot, like in years past. It's a two-person ticket.

So while you may know a lot about the governor candidates, you may not know much at all about their running mates. We're here to help inform you, so we'll finish our series of fun facts on the GOP running mates with some interesting tidbits on Bill Brady's running mate, Maria Rodriguez, HERE and Dan Rutherford's running mate, Steve Kim, HERE.

Tony March 18, 2014 at 11:09 AM
Well because I am retired and like Social Security and Medicare I won't be voting GOP for sure. A billionaire for Governor, what next trillionaire. What ever happened to what we were told in school that in America anyone could be President, they forgot to mention about the money psrt, you must be rich.


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