Are You Living in the Most Corrupt State in the U.S.?

Illinois is synonymous with corruption. Even Google knows that. But are you living in the most corrupt state in the country?

When you type the phrase "Why is Illinois" into Google, the search engine auto-populates suggested phrases to fill in the rest.

The most popular suggested phrase is "Why is Illinois so corrupt?'

If Google believes Illinois is synonymous with corruption, it must be true, right? Right. In fact, we don't even need Google to tell us how linked our state is with corruption. Four of our last seven governors have been imprisoned...one of them is still sitting in prison.

But even with our propensity for having former governors go to jail, does that make Illinois the most corrupt state in the nation?

According to a study of the most corrupt states in the country from Indiana University and the University of Hong Kong, Illinois ranks in the top five of the most corrupt states...but is it number one?

It might be deserving of the number one ranking just based on some of the corrupt politicians we have had in this state. Sometimes, what comes out of the mouths of these politicians is "[bleeping] golden." Here are some of the more outrageous comments made by corrupt Illinois politicians.

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Tony June 17, 2014 at 06:14 PM
RB. You are either sucking the system dry like the other parasites or don't earn a decent living raising a family. You wouldn't make such a fool of yourself if you were paying taxes. Stupid people like you have helped ruin this country ! Such A generous state. What a moron. It's about buying votes you idiot!
Patrick Healy June 17, 2014 at 09:54 PM
RB, it's people like you we can thank for running this once great state into the ground. It's people like you we can thank for electing one of the worst presidents in recent history. What a disgrace. Illinois is one of the worst run states in the union. You can take your compassion and shove it up your ass. We're in deep trouble. Don't be so quick to criticize our neighbors. They are in better shape than Illinois. We're bankrupt thanks to low information voters such as yourself. IRS, obamacare, Benghazi, Iraq, Syria, slow recovery, sounds like Springfield moved to Washington. Way to go RB! Way to go Madigan! Way to go Obama. Time for a real change. One that is pro business, pro energy and pro growth.
Rick Swiftwater June 17, 2014 at 11:27 PM
Patrick, fear not, most all of the Blue States are Corrupt...Why is it they all went for Obama...The worst of the worst; Illinois, New York, California, Washington, Oregon, the list goes on and on. Washington State Governor's Races; When Chris Gregoire was losing, this state pulled one out of the Chicago Play Books, they found Ballots in the Hallway, and under Desk, or just lying around the Court House....Lo and Behold, how could it be? It was magic...Like the Lost e-mails of Lois Lerner. I was raised in Chicago, the South Side, Bridgeport, you talk of corruption.....Of course it's nothing compared to the Corrupt Democratic Party....They cry for Gun Control, yet look at Chicago's Black Community, WOW...These Kids are killing each other, by the numbers.....Drugs, Robbery, Murder, yet Rahm Emanual is still the favorite son of the Democratic Machine.....These clowns are for real....Mayhem, Murder, Extortion, Coercion and so much worse....Yep, the new Democratic Party....Illinois Corrupt? no worse than the other Blue States....... In Washington State, it's the Employees of the State, Counties and Cities that do the Coercing....All are Union Represented, can't be fired or held accountable..... Teddy Roosevelt once said; "Behind the Ostensible Government, sits enthroned a Government, acknowledging no allegiance and owing no responsibility to the people" The Culprit, Bureaucracy and Corrupt Politicians.....Self Perpetuating, self Gratifying and self Promoting>>>>Government<<<<
joseph jung June 18, 2014 at 07:17 AM
But wait, We as taxpayers also payed to promote Illinois as a great tourist attraction.....Really got our moneys worth with that....Lincoln, NUM<NUM NUM. what a pile of crap!


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