Will County Drug Court Recovery Home Opens on Lime Street

Will County opened its second drug court recovery home in Joliet.

At its most crowded, the Bebar home on Lime Street had nine people in it.

"There were six (brothers and sisters) in my family, and one time my grandmother moved in with us, so there were nine," Gary Bebar recalled when asked about growing up on Joliet's near west side.

Another nine people are living in Bebar's former home now—house manager Bob Sullivan and eight recovering drug addicts—as the county opened its new drug court recovery home Wednesday.

The Julie Ann House is the second recovery home for people who are nearing completion of the Will County Drug Court Program. In 2010, a recovery home for men was established and named in honor of one of the program’s first graduates, Miller Taylor. The Miller Taylor House was the first recovery home in the United States operated by a drug court program.

The Miller Taylor House will now be a home for women, with the men moving into the Julie Ann House, which is named for Will County Drug Court Coordinator Julie McCabe-Sterr and Will County Board Member Ann Dralle.

“Our first recovery home enabled men from the drug court program to take control of their lives and reintegrate themselves back into their communities,” said Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow, who spearheaded the creation of the drug court in the 1990s. “The opening of a second home will give the women in our drug court a place to complete their journeys toward leading healthy and productive lives.”

In drug court, prosecutors and defense attorneys work with the judge and treatment providers to help abusers who have committed non-violent offenses beat their addictions. Those allowed into the program are carefully screened and must remain drug free, submit to random drug tests, find employment, follow through with treatment and attend weekly drug court sessions. Circuit Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes presides over drug court.

Eight men who have progressed through treatment and halfway houses will live in the home along with house manager Bob Sullivan, who formerly managed the Miller Taylor House.

"This is run like a household, it's a family," said Sullivan, telling how residents share chores and take turns cooking.

"If they don't know how to cook, we teach them," he said.

The men spend much of their time out of the house, working, attending school and going to meetings, but the residents get together each week for a Sunday dinner, Sullivan said.

Bebar's niece, Julie Rojo, and her husband, Gary, attended Friday's open house. Bebar remembered spending holidays at the house, which her family first bought in 1929 and was last lived in by an aunt.

"My aunt was still here last year, so we visited often," Rojo said.

John Roberts November 17, 2012 at 03:21 PM
All of this while the rest of the world and 3/4 of our southern countries want the drug war ended...and have put into place actions to regulate the drugs,while fighting the heavy movers....Paraguay shut down 6 prisons in the first year,2 states have legalized marijuana,now Colorado and Washington have dropped posession cases freeing up the court system for real problem makers like murderers,thieves,home invaders....not someone smoking a joint......and here is food for thought.....The saying goes " You can not help anyone unless they want to help themselves" ....so knowing this forcing people to go to rehab is going to help them? When they asked for no help,do not recognize they have a problem or just do not care about quitting.I have a cousin that told me $10 worth of bath salts is like buying $1000 worth of crack,he has been to rehab forcefully,and on his own...but in the end he says." I just don't want to quit"..and he still has not and will not until he either dies or just wants to quit.he said going to rehab is like joining a cult..I smoked marijuana since I was 8 years old with cancer when my grandmother gave it to me to keep me alive.will I quit...not in a million years,send me to rehab,prison,and will I quit?.Nope.We're heading to some darker days when a police man can kill another man or imprison him for planting,smoking a natural plant that cures most major cancers.Rick Simpsons Hemp Oil.60 grams injested over a 3 month period current most major cancers.
John Roberts November 17, 2012 at 05:04 PM
How about it is your personal liberty to put into your body what you so choose.If you do not hurt anyone,commit a violent crime or intrude on others liberties we start leaving people the hell alone?...people are people..everything people do is an act of human nature...to lock up or treat a certain group of people by force is not a free society...it only creates doorways to other forced treatments....Think about this...Drugs can not be kept from maximum security prisons and everything is banned in prison...Thus meaning you can turn America into a prison and you still will not keep people from doing or possessing certain things...you only lose personal liberties and America's reason for being independent and that was to be a free society.
John Roberts November 17, 2012 at 05:14 PM
Buddy Did you read what it is? Do you understand what it is? If you seek help then that means you want help this program is going to be sending everyone it can going through the court system to this rehab...so if your kid or someone you know gets caught then it's off to rehab...that's bull..if you commit no crime,no violent actions or do not intrude on another persons liberties then why are you going to be forced to go to rehab?..I seen the dirty tricks at the will county courthouse...I post one incident a lot about the kid that got arrested for marijuana and bailed out after 2 weeks and had to take a urine sample to get released guess what when he went back to court they arrested him again for failing the piss test and the judge said I will see you back in 28 to 35 days to take another one.they kept his bail money....the judge,the local politicians,and even the states attorney knows if you get arrested for marijuana you get a court date usually with in 30 days and you have to piss to bail out and they all know your not going to pass the test.it is a way to collect your bail money.Dirty Politics...happened in courtroom 305 bud...the whole court room understood right there what kind of criminal game the local politicians have going on..not hard to see go there...and what happens after that off to rehab that is tied to the local courts the same people trying everything they can to collect your money by useless forced treatment..
John Roberts November 17, 2012 at 05:25 PM
Most people do not quit by force,almost 99% will never quit by force..it is not the way the human mind works..prison system is full of people who still do things in prison that they were forced to go to to quit doing what they are continuing to do...still with me? Paraguay closed 6 prisons in the first year,all of our southern countries are now getting into the realization you will never get people to stop anything...people have their families removed from em and do not quit..but going to some building with people you do not know or know nothing about you can you know just sit down and have a chat with you and drink a boat load of coffee and get you to quit..lol... Treatment...let's give illegal meth users methadone...so now they are Methadonians...well they created Methadonians so now they are putting people on Suboxins which is another legal pharma " medication" they also give this to people who became addicted to OxyContin...and what does it do?....a 2 mg strip of suboxin is like a 60mg OxyContin....umm see where this treatment is going?...I know people on suboxin,OxyContin,heroin...it is a sad sight to see but in reality I have seen them go to rehab on their own and come out addicted to another substance by will or by force..laws have been put into place to stop you from doing rehab the old fashion way..hog tied in a family home under care of a Dr. Until withdraws are done with no medication by Tylenol or aspirin to help with the headaches..you will go to prison..
John Roberts November 17, 2012 at 05:42 PM
perfect life..lol no just a realist,while you still believe that raiding people's houses,killing parents in front of their kids,sending everyone into forced rehab,is working a realist sees the truth.been doing it for over 40 years since Nixon and in the end people only help themselves because they want to.over 60,000 people dead in Mexico since 2006 while everyone knows that the CIA was involved in drug smuggling,and now the "Fast And Furious" scandal where the U.S. AFT was warned about straw purchases by cartels and let the guns ride.and it is comming out now that the U.S. let thousands of tons of drugs come into America in deals the U.S. government had with cartels to gather information on other cartels.and after they busted the cartels Mexico became and even more dangerous place the snake grew 100 heads and regrouped and are now more deadly.all brought to you by the 2Trillion dollars we spend a year on the "Drug War" which comes from the Public's healthcare,food,shelter funding.while we supply other countries with free healthcare,food,shelter,and even weapons to be used against us.but American's will still fight,criticize and be little other Americans who get help blaming high taxes on them and say they are draining the econmy with out ever mentioning any of the things that really drain the system and cause more forced treatment.because idiots think they can help others by force trying to create an image of what their world is supposed to be like and ignoring reality


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