What Would You Ask the Presidential Candidates?

A series of presidential debates in October starts tonight. President Barack Obama meets challenger Gov. Mitt Romney at the University of Denver.

Campaign debates are a chance for voters to see the issues discussed and candidates battle in public.

Sure, most modern candidates, especially those running in national campaigns, are so polished and prepped going in that they likely will be able to answer any question that comes their way.

But it's those moments were a candidate is caught off guard, or doesn't have the perfect response, that can make the difference. Moderator questions can sometimes set a politician back or get them to offer a candid, unrehearsed response.

Want to hear what the candidates have to say? Join us for a debate viewing at Moraine Valley Community College starting 7:30 p.m. Bring your opinions. We'll bring dessert. 

Tonight's debate will pit President Barack Obama (D) against Gov. Mitt Romney (R) at the University of Denver. TV anchor Jim Lehrer, who is moderating the first of three presidential debates (a fourth is planned for Vice Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan).

Half of the 90-minute debate is expected to revolve around the economy, the L.A. Times reports. This first round of televised debating will focus on domestic issues, with foreign topics coming in subsequent debates.

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Is the economy the biggest issue with you? Does the future job market worry you more than anything else?

Patch turned to the readers to ask them what one question they would ask either candidate. Here's what we got back:

Dianna Nelson I would ask both candidates why they are not lobbying to give themselves the same benefits as they give to us.

Alan Perkaus What is your view on smaller Government?

Sharon Dooley Rogers What happened to the Pledge of Allegiance, & are you gonna bring it back?

Matt Friesser Mitt: obama has helped me get insurance through a state funding so i can live a life with maintaining incurable back issues and a long life ahead of me dealing with multiple sclerosis.... I like your business type ethics and believe we need that to boost our economy, but if you repeal anything obama has done to help with my insurance...where does that put me in the economy? am i just a number that no one cares about? do i just wither and die? and for obama: Thanks for helping me get my health on a manageable train...but as for the rest of your efforts i feel as though you have failed... bailing out businesses was NOT the right thing to do... you could have given a million dollars to every citizen in debt and spent way less money, and had a more successful outcome...if i vote for you for another 4 years, does that mean our economy stays the same, you spend more money, we pay more money in taxes to cover your mistakes...and just enjoy the ride going nowhere? give the u.s. citizens a reason to believe that our economy will turn around due to your dedicated work, and less vacations to martha's vineyard!

There's still time to sound off before the debate. What question do you want the candidates to answer?

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Chronicles of Bob October 03, 2012 at 01:07 PM
So let me ask you, what direct questions have Ryan/Romney answered? Nothing on the wars? Nothing on specifics about taxes? Nothing on the economy? Obama gives answers to those... He actually gets ridiculed for giving specific dates when it came to the wars...
Rick-her October 03, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Both should be asked what they plan on doing about the financial Cliff in 2013
Tim F October 03, 2012 at 05:54 PM
I like your question. The question before your's should be; " Are either of you going to tell the truth tonight?"
Robert Cassis October 03, 2012 at 08:14 PM
How about "You both talk about jobs. Mr President your last jobs bill was voted down in the Democrat controlled Senate 0-98. Aside from raising taxes via a health care mandate, do you have any plausible ideas for job creation? My Romney - You are touting a 20% across the board tax cut while we are facing historic debt. Tax cuts have had mixed results. They increased revenue under Reagan but the ones under Bush didn't spawn the same sort of economic growth. How is your proposal different from President Bush's and what makes you think it is going to have any different effect?
Nick Swedberg October 03, 2012 at 08:33 PM
@Rich-her—Definitely a good question.


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