Motorcycle Licenses $15 Cheaper in Palos Park

Village officials recently voted to lower the licensing fee for motorcycle owners.

Motorcycle enthusiasts will pay a bit less for a license, after village officials unanimously OKed reducing the fee from $50 to $35.

The reduced fee could mean up to $705 less in revenue for the village, but the price reduction could entice more motorcycle owners to register their vehicles, Vilalge Manager Rick Boehm said. 

The village issued 47 motorcycle vehicle stickers in the past year, The Regional News reports. The heftier price tag was set in 2009. 

"We felt reducing the price was the right thing to do considering there is a shorter time for motorcycles to be used and they don’t create the wear and tear on the roads that other vehicles do," Boehm said.

The fee for car stickers stays at $60, but Commissioner G. Darryl Reed suggested exploring fee reduction for a passenger vehicles owned by residents with handicapped plates.

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Ansel Marvin May 28, 2014 at 03:53 PM
Great idea to increase motorcycle registration by lowering the price. I think this should always be used as an incentive to register, especially in areas where motorcycles are not as common. Ansel Marvin | <a href='http://www.baylinkmc.com/Licence.html' >Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre</a>


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