Chicago Magazine: Ballot Referendum Might Underestimate Cost to Homeowners

The cost of the Palos Fire Protection District's ballot referendum might be greater than represented on the ballot, Chicago Magazine reports.

It all comes down to the equalization factor. In Cook County, unlike the rest of the state, an equalization factor is used to determine the amount of money you pay in property taxes. For a detailed explanation, watch .

On April 5, a referendum from the Palos Fire Protection District will appear on the ballot. However, the wording of said ballot might underestimate the amount of money you will pay.

Chicago Magazine's Dennis Rodkin reports that difference is the result of an ordinance that does not require the equalization factor to be considered when writing the ballot question.

To read the full article click here.

Palos Fire Protection District Chief Steve Carr also recognizes the ballot question might underestimate the amount homeowners will pay, and has been quoting a higher figure since he began discussing the referendum.

Carr sat down for a video interview with Patch to discuss the referendum:  


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