Wanted for Child Support Delinquency, Nov. 9

The Cook County Sheriff has arrest warrants out for these accused "deadbeat dads" in the south suburbs.

Child support warrants are most often filed when a person neglects to pay child support bills, according to Cook County Sheriff's Office representatives.

However, warrants may also be issued in other cases, such as when a person doesn't report to a police department to provide a required DNA sample or when he or she doesn't notify authorities of salary increases.

The following child support warrants were listed by the Cook County Sheriff's Office as of Nov. 8:

Orland Park

Larry Multon Jr., 35, has racked up $37,676.59 in child support payments. His last known address is in the 8600 block of W. 167th Street.


Dewayne Parks, 39, owes $18,311.28 in child support payments. His last known address is in the 10200 blk of S. 86th Terrace in Palos Hills. 

November is Child Support Awareness Month in Cook County. According to the county, 60 percent of all child support cases in Illinois are in Cook County. For more information, visit the state child support services website.

If you have a tip on a fugitive's whereabouts, call 708-865-4902 or email fugitive.warrants@cookcountyil.gov. The sheriff's department advises you should not try to apprehend anyone yourself.

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Debra Guenterberg December 26, 2012 at 11:14 PM
I used to believe that many men were just "deadbeat" dads, I now believe much of the child support owed is due to the 9% interest charged on child support men are unable to pay or get a modification for...If I were a man ordered to pay and the child support agency would not "work" with me...RUN! If you work in a different state do not use your real SSN...if they can't match you to the SSN, no garnishments can be made...remember you owe it to your children to take care of them but if your ex is greedy and waits 14 years to let you know you even owe child support..screw her.
Debra Guenterberg December 26, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Oh yes, I find it makes me want to vomit that the county and law enforcement will come after you and arrest you for nonpayment of child support but in IL, they will help illegals to keep using SSN's not their own...google Robert Guenterberg. 2 illegals Cornelio Suarez and Enrique Jimerez used Robert's SSN for over 12 years to work , buy FHA Home loans, buy vehicles, obtain credit cards, and develope their own credit reports...Cornelio and his wife even filed income tax returns twice since 1992 getting federal refunds with Robert's SSN. COOK COUNTY does nothing to stop illegals from working and getting credit with real American's SSN's..did you ever hear of an illegal going to jail for not paying child support..you won't...why? Because their name and SSN do not match..but see, in COOK and DUPAGE County or anywhere in IL, that is OKAY! Christ, even your congressmen are hiring illegals for public office!


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