Teens Get Rough With Police at Broken-Up Drinking Party

Police released 42 underage partygoers to their parents on New Year's Eve.

Three juveniles are facing charges after police broke up a party on New Year's Eve filled with underage drinkers. 

Police say that they responded to a home on the 8800 block of 99th Street in Palos Hills around 11 p.m. When they knocked on the door a partygoer answered and officers say they noticed underage juveniles drinking inside. 

Upon entering the party officers attempted to place a girl and two boys into custody. The trio then began to flee from officers and pushed and struck the police officers, police said.  

The female juvenile was charged with obstructing and battery. One of the boys was charged with battery and obstructing and the other with obstructing. 

The other 42 partygoers were released by police to their parents. 


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