Granat Murders Defendant Could Go Home Next Week: Attorney

A doctor will testify at a bond hearing next week that 18-year-old Mohammad Salahat is not dangerous or violent, says defense attorney Joel Brodsky. He'll then use this testimony to argue his client should get a 'reasonable' bond.

After sitting in jail for more than a year, one teen charged in the robbery and beating death of a Palos township couple could get the chance to go home.

A bond hearing for Mohammad K. Salahat, 18, is set for 1 p.m. on Dec. 3 in Judge Neil J. Linehan's Bridgeview courtroom, defense attorney Joel Brodsky told Patch during a phone interview on Tuesday.

Salahat is charged with murder in connection with stabbing and beating death of John and Maria Granat, along with three alleged accomplices: Christopher Wyma, 18; Ehab Qasem, 20; and the couple's son, John Granat, 18.

The four men have been in custody without bond since the incident. Linehan could rescind a no-bond order for Salahat at the Dec. 3 hearing.

Salahat has been described by prosecutors as the driver who remained in a car outside the home while the other three beat and stabbed the Granats to death in their bedroom on Sept. 11, 2011. Brodsky has described his client as "the fall guy" in the murders. However, prosecutors argue that Salahat was fully aware of what was happening inside the home.

Relying on a psychiatric evaluation that claims Salahat isn't violent, Brodsky hopes Linehan will reconsider setting a bond.

"We want to see if we can get Mohammad [Salahat] a reasonable bond," Brodsky said. "I mean, he's facing life without parole [if convicted]; he should be entitled to a bond.

If Salahat is granted a bond, he'll likely have to post bail in order to be released. Brodsky said they aren't asking for a type of bond that would allow the defendant to go home without posting any money up front.

None of other three defendants have said Salahat was involved in the "violent acts" that killed the Granats, Brodsky said.

"[Salahat's] worst mistake is that he was the driver," the defense attorney said. "We're not even sure whether or not he knew were the other guys were talking about and planning. Under those circumstances, a bond would be appropriate."

"Hopefully, he'll be home next week," Brodsky said.

Salahat Separated from Co-Defendants

Brodsky's latest motion does not apply to the other three accused, a move that has temporarily separated Salahat from the others in these initial proceedings.

Wyma, Qasem and Granat appeared briefly before Linehan Tuesday, where prosecutors said they have tendered evidence of transcripts, discs and police reports.

However, there may be more evidence to exchange, prosecutors told Linehan.

LaFonzo Palmer, a public defender assigned to Granat—the son of the slain couple—about two months ago, told the judge he was still getting caught up with 900-plus pages of evidence.

Getting to trial will take some time, Palmer told Patch on Tuesday, but he plans to fight the case.

Granat, Qasem and Wyma are set to be back in Linehan's court on Jan. 25.

Editor's Note: An update was made to the story regarding representation for the defendants. At least two of the men are represented by private attorneys.

Therese December 03, 2012 at 03:38 PM
No this kid sat in a car knowlingly knew what the hell was going on inside of this home! He contributed just as well! Those poor parents and what they went through. This was a terrible crime; and who would ever think on our southside this would occur? Our society is out of control due to drugs, and alcohol and these kids! He should stay in for life! This attorney is an uneducated person and tried to defend Drew Peterson. How can he even defend someone like him? These parents were bludgeoned to death....HE NEEDS TO STAY IN JAIL!
U.N. Owen December 04, 2012 at 03:35 AM
I would be truly ashamed if I were related to this scum bag!
U.N. Owen December 04, 2012 at 03:36 AM
Kid needs to fry in my opinion...to bad were a pansy state with no death penalty *sigh*
steveeeee December 04, 2012 at 06:17 AM
HAHAHAHHHAHHAHAHHA this guy is not violent or responsible for these murders??? John Granat got arrested immediatly after the murder when he got caught lieing to police about his whereabouts on the night of murder. Then why did it take police a month to arrest the 3 other friends involved. This "innocent kid" drove these kids back home after they commited a gory murder that left blood of the parents everywhere yet he was not aware. I laugh at the thought of these kids properly concealing their adrenaline, discomfort, and anxiety from the driver on the car ride home. Even if he didnt know what was going to happen inside, shortly after he knew something brutal had token place. If he was truly innocent people he would informed the police before they found out and accused him of being part of this crime along side his friends,which is the position he is in now. This kids discussed excuses they would give the police if questioned and would have to inform the driver on plausible responses to any questions the investigaters might pose to remain consistent with the alluby's Two possibilites, 1 He either knew the entire time. 2 He knew shortly after about the murder his friends committed, split the money, and did not inform the police.
Joyce Wright February 15, 2013 at 01:48 PM
To me, this screams once again, if you have MONEY, you will be treated and tried differently (either by being able to afford a suave attorney or you have enough money in the community to influence stuff and people.) Sad for the Granats, and also sad for this teen, who will not learn the proper lesson or pay proper justice if his case is "bought."


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