Swiercz Released on Bond, Must Wear Electronic Monitor

Man accused of attempting to murder and rape Tinley Park neighbor freed on bond and staying with parents in Worth.

Gary Swiercz, who was charged with attempted murder and attempted sexual assault on Saturday after allegedly breaking into his neighbor's apartment in Tinley Park, was released on bond and ordered confined to his parent's home in Worth.

Swiercz, who was earlier placed on indefinite leave from his position as deputy fire chief with the Chicago Ridge Fire Department, must wear an electronic monitoring device.

Prosecutors say Swiercz was wearing a ski mask when he allegedly broke in to his neighbor's apartment. He was reportedly carrying a knife, rope, zip ties and duct tape.

Prosecutors said Swiercz put a knife to the victim's throat and then tried to sexually assault her. They said he left the apartment after a scuffle with the woman.

Witnesses say they say him throwing items into a dumpster.

Swiercz is charged with home invasion, attempted murder, unlawful restraint, burglary and attempted sexual assault.

According to WLS-Channel 7, neighbors in Tinley Park wonder how Swiercz would have gotten into the home.

"Exactly how he got in without anybody hearing? And what are we doing to prevent this in the future?" asked Swiercz's neighbor Lea Elliott.

"To think that someone who is supposed to be protecting us is going around doing these crimes ... It's a scary thought that someone capable of saving your life can go ahead and take it away if they had the chance," said neighbor Ashley Grigaliunas.

According to WBBM-Channel 2, Swiercz's attorney, Colleen McSweeney Moore implied prescription drugs may be to blame and told a judge the attack was "an aberration and totally out of character for this man.”

Moore cited Swiercz's receipt of the Army’s Good Conduct Medal and his community service.

His next court date is scheduled for Tuesday at the Bridgeview courthouse.

Stones January 09, 2013 at 02:12 PM
Baba, We all know how it works. Everyone gets a bond hearing, but that doesn't mean everyone gets a bond. They can be remanded without bond or held on a very high bond. That's what this guy should have received.
Gramma January 10, 2013 at 07:09 AM
Thank you Stones, Baba does not seem to get that. I think its funny you think I should move because I have a different opinion than yours. You must have some ties to this situation because you are the ONLY one on here that seems to think he should be on bond.
Gramma January 10, 2013 at 07:12 AM
now we are crackpots for our thoughts lol, seems like your the one with the different opinion not us. Didn't your Momma teach you any manners. calling people names? grow up BABA
Gramma January 11, 2013 at 12:40 AM
Now the cook county site shows charges only as 720 ILCS 5 12-11(a)(1) [995100 HOME INVASION/ARMED/FORCE .........hmmm wheres the other charges!!!
John Q Public May 13, 2013 at 10:11 PM
This must be the site for all Sh#t house attorneys. Whether or not any of you agree with his bond release or not, he's out because the states attorney did not object during the bond hearing. He will stand before a judge or jury and answer for his actions. Now all of you should go back to doing something productive like managing your own lifes and quit worrying about his, the victim or anyone else. Opinions are like A-holes.....everyone has one!! And the media always gives the facts straight and true!! If one of you ever dealt with the media you would know their the worse people in the world. It should be a crime for how they report news like this.


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