South Suburban DUI Arrests, Dec. 16

Swerving SUVs • Beers in the cupholder • Driver just misses hitting another car. This week's roundup of drunken driving arrests in the Southland.


NOV. 18: Edwardo Mendez, 36, of the 200 block of East 22nd Street, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after police stopped him near the intersection of 16th Street and Campbell Avenue for running two stop signs, according to the report. Mendez was unable to provide a driver's license and had two open beers in his cup holder, police said. Police had Mendez perform field sobriety tests before taking him in to custody. Mendez was also charged with driving on a suspended license, no valid registration, illegal transportation or possession of alcohol and two counts of disobeying a stop sign, according to the report.

NOV. 18: Jose Gonzalez, 40, of the 200 block of East 24th Street in Chicago Heights, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after police stopped him in the 1500 block of Otto Blvd. for hitting and riding the curb, according to the report. Gonzalez was unable to produce a valid driver's license or proof of insurance, police said. Police asked Gonzalez if he had been drinking, to which he responded, "Yes, I had seven beers," according to the report. Police had Gonzalez perform field sobriety tests before taking him into custody. Gonzalez was also charged with improper lane usage, no proof of valid insurance and no valid driver's license, police said.


DEC. 5: Jose M. Aquino, 25, of the 2700 block of S. Central Park, Chicago, was stopped by officers near the intersection of Mary Ann Court and Central Avenue, after officers observed a car driven by Aquino traveling at a high rate of speed and nearly strike another car while passing on a double yellow line.

Officers stopped Aquino and noticed a strong odor of alcoholic beverage, removed the driver from the car and asked him to perform standard field sobriety tests.

Aquino could not complete the tests and was taken into custody, then transported to the Oak Forest Police Station. At the station, Aquino submitted a breath test sample of .184 and was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

He was processed and given a court date of Jan 15, 2013, before being released.


NOV. 18: Police pulled over a car for driving 56 mph in a 40 mph zone and crossing over lane lines on 143rd Street at Claridge Road around 3:25 a.m. The inside of the car smelled like burnt marijuana, the driver’s breath smelled like alcohol and he slurred his speech while talking to officers, police said. He also failed field sobriety tests, and an officer found a bag of marijuana in the car, the amount of which therein was not listed, according to the report. Sahil J. Desai, 25, of the 11500 block of Brookshire Drive in Orland Park, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, improper lane use, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and speeding.

NOV. 17: Police pulled over an SUV after seeing it swerve between lanes suddenly, and without signaling, on 73rd Avenue near 151st Street around 7:55 p.m. The driver’s eyelids were hanging low, she failed field sobriety tests and officers found two containers of prescriptions, both valid and in her name, within the SUV, police said. Debra A. Gonzalez, 50, of the 8100 block of 174th Street in Tinley Park, was charged with driving under the influence of drugs, improper lane use and failure to signal.

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Police report information is provided by local police departments. Charges are not evidence of guilt. They are a record of police actions on a given day, and persons charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. If you or a family member are charged or cited and the case is subsequently adjudicated, we encourage you to notify the editor. We will verify and report the outcome.


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