Police Investigating Burglary of Palos Heights Home

A robber wearing work boots grabbed a TV and jewelry from a house in the 12100 block of Flambeau Drive, police say.

Officers are searching for a robber who bashed the front door of a Palos Heights home and grabbed jewelry and a television, police said Friday.

A person wearing work boots shouldered the front door of a home on Thursday in the 12100 block of Flambeau Drive, said. A 42-inch Samsung TV was taken from the wall of the master bedroom, as was a pillow case that the robber used to carry out jewelry from a box left on the bed.

The thief then left through the garage door, police said.

Two witnesses told police they saw a white pickup truck with ladder rack frames and two men inside driving through the area several times. They described the driver as an olive-skinned man wearing a bright orange T-shirt. The passenger also had olive-colored skin.

The same truck and driver were seen backed up to the garage of the burglarized home.

Palos Park police actually made the Friday announcement of the Flambeau Drive burglary.

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gutsygirl37 September 16, 2012 at 02:45 PM
He's a burglar, not a robber.
Karina September 16, 2012 at 06:24 PM
There were two young girls going door to door Thursday evening claiming to be selling subscriptions to the Daily Southtown but attempting to gain access into a number of residences. In one case they claimed to be cold and asked the homeowner for a cup of coffee and if they could come inside, the resident did not allow them in the home but did bring them coffee and allowed them to sit on his porch chairs as they claimed to be waiting for a ride. Earlier, on the same block, they asked a different resident if they could come inside because one girl claimed to need to use the bathroom. That resident allowed them in, but why did both girls need to go in the home if only one needed to use the bathroom? Sounds very much like these girls were scoping out the homes.


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