Ordering Online? Watch for Fake USPS Emails

Police want you to stay vigilant against online scammers while you surf for Christmas gifts.

If you're like millions of Americans this shopping season, you might want to watch out for bunk emails from scammers.

The Palos Park Police Department is warning consumers about fake emails claiming to be from the U.S. Postal Service. The emails tell fibs about a package that couldn't be delivered.

Clicking on unsolicited emails could start a virus on your computer that steals personal and financial information, police warn.

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The key to spotting these phony emails lies through close inspection of the wording. Grammar and spelling mistakes are evident in the bad ones.

The USPS will not send emails about undeliverable packages so consumers have to watch for these types of emails with instructions to click a link. Your email address only will be available to the USPS if you sign up with its website.

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