Catalytic Converter Theft in Palos Park

The small part is worth big money to thieves.

The Palos Park Police Department is warning residents about a recent catalytic converter theft in the village. 

Police report that a catalytic converter was taken off of a vehicle parked at 123rd and 86th Avenue. 

The small part is attached to the exhaust system on the underside of cars to reduce harmful emissions. Thieves target the converters because they contain small amounts of precious metals. 

Cars without a converter will often make loud exhaust noises, the police department warns. 

Palos Park police offered the following tips to help combat the thefts: 

  • Park in well-lit areas or inside garages whenever possible. Be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious subjects; subjects under parked vehicles

  • You may want to have an automotive repair shop tack weld the nuts and bolts on your catalytic converter, which should prevent most thieves from easily unbolting the assembly. However, in the majority of the recent thefts the offenders have cut the pipes on either side of the catalytic converter. 
  • A car alarm may help in these cases if an additional sensor is installed on the converter to set off the alarm when the thieves attempt to steal it.

  • You may also consider having the VIN number of your vehicle engraved on your catalytic converter. Having this information engraved on your catalytic converter would assist in returning the catalytic converter to you if it is recovered, and would also assist in the prosecution of the offender.


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