Accused D218 Board Member Skips Meeting

Johnny Holmes is said to be "weighing his options" in the wake of his second DUI arrest and abrupt retirement from his job at the Robbins police chief.

Questions remain about whether a District 218 board member charged with DUI will continue his tenure.

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Johnny Holmes, who was pulled over in Midlothian while allegedly carrying a flask of alcohol on Dec. 22, failed to show for a regularly scheduled Community High School District 218 Monday night. Holmes is accused of drunken driving for the second time in three years. He announced his retirement from his job as the Village of Robbins police chief earlier this month.

Board President Randy Heuser said he spoke Sunday afternoon with Holmes, who indicated he was "weighing his options" for how to proceed with the school district.

"He still hasn't decided what he'd going to do," Heuser said. "After he makes his decision, we will, as a board, decide what our options are at that point.

"It's way too early for us to do anything because we don't know anything," he added.

Holmes told the president that he believed he still has much to offer the board.

"Obviously, one of (his options) would be resignation," Heuser said. "He still feels he has a lot to contribute to the board ... He's going to weigh the pros and cons."

District 218 includes H. L. Richards High School in Oak Lawn and Alan B. Shepard High School in Palos Heights.

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R.E. Former January 15, 2013 at 04:27 PM
I have read the articles related to Mr Holmes' situation and the responses from readers. There appeares to be a small clamoring for Mr. Holmes' resignation from the 218 Board. Some have urged John Byrne and Marco Corsi to personally expell Mr. Holmes. I wonder how forcing John Holmes to resign now would better serve the students and tax paying community? When the last Board member resigned, the remaining members could not agree on appointing a replacement and a large segment of the school district has gone unrepresented for nearly two years. This split Board has been ineffective in dealing with declining student scores, a good ol boy administrative staff and questionable hiring practices. When it was revealed last fall that three maintenance administraters had felony convictions on their records when they were hired and promoted at 218, the Board and Superintendent Byrne remained absolutely silent. As I understand it, one administrator was convicted of residential arson; another was convicted for possessing unregistered firearms; and a third had multiple weapons convictions, including a loaded weapon on school grounds. Seems to me that there is more to be concerned with than Mr Holme"s error in judgement.
Val January 16, 2013 at 02:13 AM
Mr. RE Former shame on you fo believing that any of the above is okay. Any of those individuals that have felony charges and choose to break the law while representing the school district (including Mr. Byrne) should not be allowed to continue working for the district. There is no excuse for poor judgement whe it comes to something illegal.
Val January 16, 2013 at 02:17 AM
error (including Mr. Holmes)
R.E. Former January 16, 2013 at 06:42 AM
Val, don't fully understand your remarks, but to try to clarify my own, I don't think its ok to hire people to leadership positions if they have felony convictions. None of these people were hired into the positions that they currently hold, but were hired with felonies nonetheless. They were advanced in position s by the superintentendent. given the readilyavailable background information about them, it is not unreasonable to surmise that the school district overlooked or suspendeded its own criteria for hiring these people. Mr Holmes will have to deal with his constituencies, but these EMPLOYEES are in your schools.
Kelly January 16, 2013 at 04:21 PM
When are the elections? Do they all come up at the same time? Mr. Holmes HAS to go; it's a moral obligation to all tax paying citizens, students and faculty. How can we condone his actions?? What does this tellvothers? We're okay with your habitual drinking? Don't worry, we won't punish you? In fact, we let you continue to set an example to all members wof the district that this is acceptable behavior? SERIOUSLY Former R.E.??? Looks like a thorough house cleaning is in order.


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