5 Odd Crime Stories from 2012

Bits of quirky crime often emerge from the more serious criminal activities covered. Here are some of the most unusual stories found from this past year.

Palos Man Attacks Car After Driver Takes Wrong Turn

I don't think you could even call this one "road rage." A Palos Hills man allegedly attacked a car that had pulled into his driveway with a baseball in October. The driver had taken a wrong turn and was using the man's driveway to turn around. He was charged with aggravated assault and criminal damage to property. No word on whether the Chicago Cubs tried to recruit him.

FBI: Man Sold Phony Elvis Hair and Altered Honus Wagner Card

You don't mess with the King. Or his hair. A Palos Park man and his associates were indicted by the FBI for fraud. Investigators alleged that they were selling fake Elvis Presley hair, among other bogus pieces of memorabilia. The indictment alleged that, between 2001 and 2009, alleged the authenticity of Elvis Presley’s hair was misrepresented.

Police: Mob Attacked Specific Group of People Inside Tinley Park Restaurant

This one didn't happen in Palos but everyone in the south suburbs was talking about the attack inside a Tinley Park restaurant on a group of alleged white supremicists. Five Indiana men were charged with assault in the Ashford House brawl. Authorities say the men pummeled a group of diners and random patrons with extendable batons, table legs, nunchucks and bats.

Two Gang Members Charged in Connection with Palos Home Burglaries: Police

This one was rather surprising when it first came across from police. Police said a Chicago-based gang is operating a burglary ring in the suburbs. Two alleged gang members were arrested in October.

Two Lawn Mowers Stolen in Palos Park

Last on the list is a simple blotter item that shows how quick thieves can be. A man stopped at a Palos Park gas station left a couple of lawn mowers in the back of his truck. Two men in a white SUV drove up, took the lawnmowers out of the truck and drove away, according to police.

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