VIDEO: How Running Worked Wonders

Jordan visits Running for Kicks in Palos Heights to learn why a good-fitting shoe is key to a successful running regimen.

The activity that I have most utilized in my weight loss journey is running. Although I may not look like the running type, I've been able to train for and run four (as well as countless 10K and 5K races) in the last two and a half years. 

Despite two surgeries thanks to a high school soccer injury, my bad knees have been able to withstand the beating I give them because I have shoes that support my feet and help alleviate the constant pressure. 

Before I even started training for my first race in May of 2009, I visited Mel Diab over at in Palos Heights. Mel and his staff analyzed the structure of feet as well as my running style and hooked me up with a pair of Mizuno running shoes that I wore for my first races. I went back to him for my second pair as well.

I never thought I’d enjoy running. Once I started gaining weight after college, running was the last thing on my mind. But once I made the decision to train for the Palos Bank Southwest Half Marathon in May of 2009, I realized what I was missing.

Sure, things were pretty slow-going at first. I had to gradually work my way up to running one mile, then two, then five and so on. The first time I stepped on a treadmill, I didn’t make it longer than five minutes! But I kept at it and followed my training program. It paid off and I was able to run 13.1 miles after just five months of training.

I haven’t come across any other place in the Palos area that is more dedicated to the sport of running than Running for Kicks. Not only do they have shoes, they also carry running clothes, water bottles, energy gels and anything else you could think of! They also help runners set up training programs for upcoming races and even have a running club that meets on a weekly basis!

So if you’re willing to take that first step onto the treadmill or track, I guarantee you won’t regret it. As Mel said, he feels younger than his age and just loves life – and he attributes it all to running. To find out more, give Mel a call at (708) 448-9200 or visit their website.

With the wedding now only two weeks away, it's time to kick things into overdrive and power down the homestretch! I've been lacing up my running shoes all week and am down three more pounds since last week!

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