Readers Offer Memories of Dunlap's after Death of Former Owner

"I went there with my Dad after my first father daughter dance."

Marilyn Ann Dunlap of Palos Heights recently passed away. She was 81.

Dunlap's, a homestyle restaurant, was in the community for more than 60 years. Marilyn, who co-owned the restaurant, retired in 1998. She spent the last years traveling and spending time with the family.

Readers shared their stories of the community restaurant. Here are what they had to say:

Missy Goodman: This was where I had dinner for the first time with my fiance's parents and Grandmother. I am so sorry to the family.

Lisa Dullard: Oh, that's sad. My Mom used to waitress there years ago. It was such a nice place.

God rest her soul...

Kristin Smith: How sad. I went there with my Dad after my first father daughter dance. It was lovely. Rest in peace.

Tim Moore: Melinda and I moved to Palos in 1998 and Dunlap's was open for a few years after we came here. We ate there a few times. Really lovely setting. I had chicken and dumplings, for which I believe they were well-known. I was surprised when Dunlap's close since it seemed like one of those fixture places that would be around forever. Rest in peace, Mrs. Dunlap.

Kathleen Duffing Baker: St Rita Church used to treat their religious education teachers to a holiday dinner there each year. My mother and sisters were teachers, and they took me as a guest when I was just a kid. I remember it for its wonderful ambiance and beautiful scenery. It really was a treat:-) When I moved to the area as an adult, I was disappointed to find that it was no longer open.

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