Palos AYSO Soccer Results: Week 1

The scores and standout players from the first week of Palos AYSO soccer.

Submitted by Palos AYSO Soccer

Palos AYSO Soccer held its opening day on Aug. 25. All games were played at at . More than 570 players were in high spirits and kept the fans engaged.


Green Lightening 7, Yellow Lightening 8

It was a high scoring game for both Lightening teams. The Green Lightening top scorer was Quinn Richards with 5 goals. Ethan Wilson and Maddie Meehan each contributed a goal as well. Joel Droesch exhibited great goalie skills while Daniel Fitzpatrick showed hustle on both offense and defense. The Yellow Lightening goal count was led by Justin Lang with 7 goals. Aiden Wright has a goal as well. Each Yellow Lightening player showed off their skills in various positions. Impressive goalie work by Faisel Kherwish, Charlie Librizzi and Brendan Zielinski. Despite the Green Lightening amazing teamwork, they were defeated by one goal.

Yellow Hurricanes 4, Red 0

Aiden O'Hara, Laith Talla and Ivan Hokens led their team to victory with a shut out game. Owen Lally and Caera Kennedy did not allow any goals to pass by them. An impressive game by all players!

Flames 3, Purple Lightening 3

A hard fought game ended in a tie for the Flames and Purple Lightening. Frankie Wagner scored 2 goals and Connor Olsen scored as well. The assists go to Cate McDonnell and Connor Olsen. Kiera Doyle-Odenbach and Luke Barham played an impressive defense with Bartek Szaflarski as their goalie.

Blue Thunder 4, Grey Thunder 4

A tied game for the Blue Thunder and the Grey Thunder. Charlie Koeppen scored 4 goals for the Blue Thunder with an assist each from Evan Gallagher and Eugene Krupinski. Great teamwork from all players!

Vipers 9, Cheetahs 2

The Vipers prevailed over the Vipers in a battle for victory. Adam Rehus, Kuba Mierzwa, Morgan O'Malley, Matt Wojo, Dylan Stevens, Nick Cachon, Connor Celauro, Grace Gamboz and Cian Moran all combined for the goals, assists and hard defense.

Yellow Fire 5, Team 1 4

The Yellow fire fought hard for their win over team 1. The whole team exhibited great teamwork with many spectacular passes among players. Christian Chavez scored 3 goals and Andrew Hoefler had 2 as well. Malik Haleem, Emma Valencia, Ellie White, Matthew Anton and Matthew Anderzunas showed amazing effort on offense. Anthony Galan, Tyler Casey, and Danny Ghera played an impressive defense. Great goalie work by Matthew Anton, Malik Haleem and Emma Valencia!


Tornados 7, Blue Jays 5

Campbell Brown led the Tornado battle with 4 goals. Demetrius Sacha contributed 2 goals and Jake Lata scored as well. Jacob Nowebilski, Ian Kloehn and Ryan Farkas played at the top of their abilities in their defensive positions. The Blue Jays fought hard, but did not overcome. Matthew Senanou scored 4 of the goals with Matt Huston scoring as well. Giulia Demacopoulos, and Logan Droesch worked hard in the goal. Nick Skweres was placed in many positions and he played all of them well.

Royals 12, Team 1 0

A very high scoring game for the Royals. Michael Georgion brought 4 goals to the total. Maeve Moran and Aydan Wilson each scored 3 goals. T.J. Mohan and Malachy Mohan each scored as well. Mitchell Potosnak and Yazeed Haleem contributed with their talents to keep the other team from scoring at all. Great work, Royals!

Orange 2, Teal 6

Grace Kennedy and Maggie O'Brien each scored a goal for the Orange team with Jacob Asselberghs with the assits. Caroline Koeppen was fearless in the net and Kevin Brennan challenged their goalie. Despite their best efforts, they did not win the game.

Fighting Peeps 5, Team 4 5

Lukasz Janik, Andrew Kopinski, Makym Srama, Quinn Sytsma and Sadie Triezenberg each scored a goal For the Fighting Peeps in this tight game. Great goalie skills demonstrated by Owen Donegan, Madison Drebing, Maksym Srama and Quinn Sytsma. Despite the heat of the day, this team pulled together for a tied game.

Electric Eels 7, Team 5 2

A great game played by two great teams! Norah Sullivan, Michael Jeffers, and Julia Kotas each scored a goal. Justice Washington and Timothy Clancy scored 2 goals each! Kenny Mysliwiec, Devin Thielmann, Jena Elmosa and Nathan Ceplawskes kept the other team's goals to a minimun.

Blue Devils 9, Team 14 0

The Blue Devils were hard at work at their first game. Top scorer Yiorgos Spino had 4 goals with Joseph O'Heir and Luke Christy each had 2. Eric Antkiewicz scored as well. Alvaro Hucker, Eric Antkiewicz, Yiorgos Spinos, Haley Tadevich and Alaina Wolan all are credited with assits. Great teamwork, Devils!


Team 7 4, Team 3 3

Team 7's top scorer was Asheigh Hughes with 2 goals. Clay Bumstead and Alex Pyknis each scored as well. Bart Nowobilski had an assist. The teams both exhibited great sportsmanship and passion in this exciting game!

Team 10 vs Team 5 2

An official score hasn't been announced for this game, but Team 5 admits defeat despite the best efforts of all the players. Tyler Winkelmann and George Paetow each scored a goal for their team. Goalwork was performed by Tyler Winkelmann, Ramsey Baceritt, Jordan Schissler and Nicholas Ready. Great game, Teams!

Team 2 would like to announce their win over Team 8. Final score 7 to 5


The Green Soccer Team vs Team 8

Andreas Christy, Josh Pappas, Drake Wolan and Garrett Wolan each scored a goal to seal the Green Soccer Team's win. A great save was made by Garrett Wolan in the goalie position. Riley Doyle-Odenbach also had an impressive save. Great passing and teamwork lead the way for the victory.

Blue Sonic 8, Team 6 1

The Blue Sonic won their opening game! Adam Alleruzzo brough an impressive 3 goals to the total. Stan Wrobel contributed 2, and Jeff Reidy, Nick Georgiou, and Eleazar Del Toro scored one each. Great goalie work by Paul Striepling, Mark Marino, and Michael Kaunas. Each Blue Sonic player worked together to dominate the field. Congrats, Sonic!

Maroon Magic 3, Team 7 1

Mustafa Taha of the Maroon Magic scored 2 goals. Tim Komperda scored a goal and is credited with an assist as well. Timmy Kampert impressed in the goalie box and Emily Panella showed great defensive skills. The whole team came together on the field for a big win.

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