Facts, Figures and Fables About Friday the 13th

We've complied some useless and silly trivia to celebrate this most useless and silly day.

Today is Friday the 13th. In fact, this is the third Friday the 13th of 2012. I don't know what that means, but it can't be a good sign. 

What better way to celebrate this silly superstitious day than with facts that are equal parts silly and superstitious. On a side note, as I was compiling this list I came to learn that most websites that write about Friday the 13th are probably not all that reliable. 

The Backstory (Source: National Geographic)

National Geographic ran an article several years back that delved into the origins of the Friday the 13th fear. It is a great read if you are longing for a more austere take on the day. Check it out: Friday the 13th Phobia Rooted in Ancient History

Apparently, the fear of the number 13 comes from a Norse myth while a fear of Fridays has Biblical roots. Both came together somewhere along the way. 

Big Word

A fear of the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia.

The Real Story (Reuters)

It appears that Friday the 13th is not any more unlucky than any other day. A study by Dutch researchers found that the day is actually safer than most other Fridays. 

The Movie (IMDB)

Since 1980, there has been 12 films in the "Friday the 13th" horror movie franchise featuring the masked serial killer. 

Celebrities Born on a Friday the 13th (Source:Buddy TV)

  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olson - Friday, June 13, 1986
  • Steve Buscemi (this one seems fitting) - Friday, December 13, 1957
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Friday, January 13, 1961
  • Max Weinberg - Friday, April 13, 1951

There were more, but it was a stretch to call the rest celebrities. I feel sorry for whoever had to research this list. 

Died on Friday the 13th (Source: LA Times)

Jonathan Frid, who played the vampire Barnabas Collins in the perfectly spooky '60s soap opera "Dark Shadows" died on Friday, April 13 of this year.

Well, there you have it. Watch out for black cats, ladders and broken mirrors today. No need to add any more unlucky vibes.

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