Palos Park Fisherman Dines on an Invasive Species

Asian carp are threatening the Great Lakes and Illinois river system. One man wants to make a meal out of them.

Ed DeVries found a solution to the fishy problem of Asian carp: dinner.

The Palos Park fisherman recently spoke with Medill Reports on culinary options for the invasive species that has plagued the Great Lakes.

DeVries, who is president of the Bowfishing Association of Illinois, told the Medill that he finds the carp delicious.

"I’ll put them up against crappie and walleye," the fisherman said.

Asian carp were imported into the South to help clean fish farms, reports Huffington Post. In the 1970s, the non-native fish found its way into the Mississippi and Illinois river systems, and currently threaten the Great Lakes.

Two fisherman have made a series of YouTube videos showing off their exploits to hunt the carp, according to HuffPo.

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